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What is a Fresh48 Photo Session?

A Fresh48 photo session captures the freshness and beauty of your new-born baby within the first 48 hours of life. It can take place in the hospital, at the birth centre or in the comfort of your home.
This is not a posed new-born session; we will not pose the baby or bring props. It’s a lifestyle session capturing your baby’s sweet new moments in a candid and natural way, perfect for remembering that first 48 hours of your baby´s life forever. 

We can capture the following moments:

  • First snuggles,
  • Meeting their sibling’s,
  • Grandparents or family members.
  • Your little one’s first yawns,
  • First smiles,
  • Cute little baby feet,
  • Fingers, belly button, and flaky skin.
  • The room where your new family member was first welcomed,
  • Mum & Dad's fancy wrist bands, the tiny hospital bracelet, first feedings, first bath, diaper changes.
  • Going home from the hospital,
  • Baby´s new room. 

    How do you Schedule Fresh48 Photo Session? 

    Due to the on-call nature of these sessions, we only do a limited number of Fresh 48 photo sessions a month. Booking early is key to guaranteeing your session. Please contact us for details, pricing and availability.

    *Please take a moment to view our Newborn Gallery